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Sheepfarm in Meta-land

Virtual Sheep Farming P2E Game


Welcome to the Sheepfarm in Meta-land!
Sheepfarm is a P2E virtual world in which you can purchase pastures, collect and raise various breeds of sheep, and earn tokens by selling the wool they produce.


Sugarland appeared to be the sweetest place on the face of the planet where shepherds lived blissfully with their sheep. It wasn't long before word got out that Sugarland was the happiest place in the world, and more and more people began to migrate there. Rapid population expansion resulted in a shortage of pastures for sheep, and problems began to emerge in formerly tranquil settlements. Wise wizards and rulers worked tirelessly to discover a solution to this problem. After a long period of research, the wizards were able to create a virtual environment, especially for sheep. It was named Meta-land.
Farmers who journeyed to Meta-land with their sheep soon discovered that the weather was nicer, the food was sweeter, and their sheep were happier than ever before! But Meta-land's tale is just beginning to unfold. As wizards continue to work on creating the sweetest environment for sheep, more and more locations will become available.
Start a sheep farm in Meta-land to create a story of your own!
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