Sheepfarm DAO

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Weather Voting - Shaping Your Race Destiny

In the world of sheep races, weather can significantly impact the outcome, and our DAO service empowers users to vote for the weather forecast that aligns with their winning strategy.

Weather Effects

Weather can influence sheep skills in various ways:

  • Sunny: Boosts speed by 10%

  • Rainy: Enhances stamina and balance by 10%

  • Snowy: Increases power and spirit by 10%

  • Stormy: Grants a 6% increase to all stats

Navigate to our website's DAO menu to access a list of active polls. Here, you can cast your vote for the weather conditions that favour your race. Track your voting history and see the total votes for each weather condition in a specific race. Your choice can shape the destiny of your race, so make it count!

Please note that casting your vote requires vNGIT, a voting token.

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