Item Shop

A one-stop shop for all your shepherding needs

The local shop offers a diverse range of goods, from unique items and rare treasures to essential supplies for sheep farming and more. It's managed by the friendly and dedicated shop owner, Kelly. After facing the loss of her parents at a young age, Kelly took on the responsibility of caring for her younger sister, Katie. Together, they've worked diligently to support one another.

Kelly's Item Shop

In the cozy atmosphere of the item shop, the sisters extend a warm welcome to the community, always ready to assist their customers. Kelly is known for her well-stocked inventory, offering items that can be purchased using Rainbow Beanz or Seasonal Beanz. Additionally, Kate, Kelly's younger sister, plays an active role in managing all the sheep-related affairs in the town, handling every sheep transaction with enthusiasm.

Seasonal Shop and Seasonal Decor

You'll find a range of seasonal décor items and practical products, all available for a limited time. To make these unique purchases, you'll need to use Seasonal Beanz as your currency. The Seasonal Shop regularly updates its offerings to align with the changing seasons, ensuring that each visit provides a fresh and distinctive shopping experience. Be sure not to miss the sales period, and seize the opportunity to acquire these exclusive items while they're still available!

Bundle Shop

Kelly's Bundle section provides a variety of bundled items, featuring essential combinations available at reasonable prices. The selection is regularly updated to offer new and diverse options so take advantage of her modestly priced bundles while they're available!

Pop-Up Shop

The Pop-Up Section of the item shop is a short-lived, temporary shop offering various items at significantly reduced prices compared to regular rates. This shop is only open for a brief period, and there's a purchase limit due to limited stock availability. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the Pop-Up Shop before it disappears!

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