Sheep care

As a responsible shepherd, it's vital to look after your sheep's well-being. This means ensuring they have enough to eat, cleaning them after their adventures, and showering them with affection.

Placing/Removing Sheep

During gameplay, you have the flexibility to add or remove sheep from your pasture as needed.

  1. Accessing Sheep: Click on the Sheep Collection icon located on the left side of the screen to access your Sheep Collection. Here, you can view all your sheep and add or remove them by clicking the respective buttons next to each sheep.

  2. Repositioning Sheep: To move around a sheep within your pasture during gameplay, click and hold down on the sheep for approximately 2 seconds. If you drag your sheep onto an interactive decoration item, they will instantly engage with it, making your pasture come alive with activity.

  3. Removing Sheep: To remove a sheep from your pasture, simply click the Remove Sheep button located in the bottom tray that appears when the sheep is selected. The selected sheep will then be removed from the pasture.

  4. Relocation Prompt: If you attempt to add a sheep to a pasture where they are already placed elsewhere, you will receive a prompt asking if you want to relocate the sheep to the new location, if possible. Please note that sheep participating in specific activities, like races, are locked in place and cannot be removed from the respective activity until they have completed their task.

The Basics

  • The Sheep Care panel appears when you select a sheep, displaying its name, gender, and rarity.

  • Use left/right arrows or swipe to switch between sheep.

  • Available sheep care actions include: Training, Treats, Washing, Petting, Shearing, Autofeeding, and Remove Sheep.

  • The bar at the bottom of the panel provides a visual representation of your sheep's hunger level.

Sheep Grooming: Petting and Washing

Your sheep thrive on regular grooming to feel loved and cared for. They will clearly notify you when it's time for a grooming session, either by needing a gentle pet or a thorough wash. Be attentive to their signals to ensure their well-being and happiness. While grooming your sheep, keep an eye out for the occasional surprise – sweet treats may randomly drop as an extra reward during the grooming process.

Feeding Your Sheep

These sheep have a unique preference – they crave sugar to power their high-energy races, and vegetables simply won't do. You can enable autofeeding, allowing the sheep to take care of their own meals, as long as there's enough food available. However, it's worth noting that giving them unrestricted access to sweet treats might lead to some overindulgence, so keep an eye on their intake to ensure you use your food supply wisely.

Acquiring Treats

You can acquire bonbons from Kelly's item shop for 10 Rainbow Beanz, getting you 50 treats, or exchange 2 Seasonal Beanz for 1 bonbon. They may also be occasionally found as random item drops in Loot Lane or while grooming your sheep.

Guide: Purchasing Sweet Treats

  1. Kelly's Shop: Find Kelly's item shop in the expandable tray at the bottom right corner of the screen and click on it.

  2. Item Shop: In the shop menu, choose the Item Shop tab (the first tab) and select Bonbon for purchase. This stock is unlimited, so you can buy as many as you can afford.

  3. Confirm Purchase: After confirming your purchase, you will find your bonbons in your inventory.

  4. Seasonal Shop: Alternatively, you can click on the Seasonal Shop tab (the second tab) and exchange 2 Seasonal Beanz for 1 bonbon. Please note that this stock is limited.

  5. Confirm Purchase: After confirming your purchase in the Seasonal Shop, you will have your bonbons added to your inventory.

Wool & Shearing Sheep

Keeping those sheep well-groomed is your ticket to a plentiful wool supply. If you delay in shearing them, they'll hold off on producing more wool. Wool production time can be reduced by using functional decor items designed for this purpose or by activating combo effects when you group together compatible sheep.

Sheep will notify you when they're ready to be sheared, and certain pastures come equipped with an automatic shearing feature, saving you from the chore of manually shearing your sheep. it's a valuable resource for levelling up your sheep, and the wool from certain sheep can be sold for extra profit. The rarer the sheep, the more valuable and potent their wool becomes.

Sheep Chat

Discover the art of sheep whispering in an exciting way to connect with your flock. Sheep Chat lets you engage in meaningful conversations with your sheep, and for a small cost of 10 Rainbow Beanz per interaction, you can ask questions, share stories, and even uncover hidden secrets about your woolly companions.

Powered by AI technology, Sheep Chat interprets your inputs and generates responses from your sheep's unique perspective. The chatbot is well-versed in all things sheep, from their behaviours to preferences, making interactions more engaging over time. While currently only available in English, the game has plans to support more languages in the future, broadening the horizons of communication with your BFFs (Best Fluffy Friends)!

Not only is Sheep Chat a fun way to interact with your sheep, but it also offers a chance to get random bonus reward items every 10th interaction.

Here's a table that shows all the rewards and their probabilities, so you can know exactly what you can get:

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