Sheep care

Placing sheep

  • You can add or remove sheep from a pasture at any time during gameplay.
  • Click and hold down on your sheep for about 2 seconds to move it freely across your pasture. If you drag your sheep onto an interactive decoration item, they will immediately begin using it.

Sheep grooming: Petting and washing

  • Sheep require regular grooming in order to feel loved and will notify you when they need to be washed or petted.
<Each sheep will notify you individually>
<Sheep raising their hands for attention>
<Sheep enjoying affection>
<Sheep love being clean>
  • If sheep feel loved, their wool production will increase.

Shearing Sheep

  • Shearing sheep on a regular basis provides you with wool. Unless the wool is sheared in a timely manner, sheep will stop producing more wool.
  • Sheep produce 1 unit of wool per day, and the amount of time it takes to produce that wool can be reduced by the decor and combination effects that are active on the pasture.
  • Stewart Island Pastures offer an automatic shearing feature that relieves you of the obligation of manually shearing your sheep.