Attributes & Training

Sheep Attributes

Your sheep are more than just fluffy companions; they come with unique attributes that significantly influence their performance on the racetrack. These attributes are the key to success in the competitive world of sheep racing.

The rarity of your sheep determines the range of attributes they can potentially unlock. Explore the table below for an overview of the minimum and maximum attribute values corresponding to each rarity:



During a sheep race, every woolly contender has a moment of glory – their Dash-time. This is when a sheep reaches its peak speed, represented by a Dashometer bar alongside other attributes. The Dashometer bar provides insight into the precise timing of this speed surge, allowing shepherds to strategically boost their sheep's performance at the perfect moment. Using the Dashometer, you can precisely set at what percentage of the race your sheep will begin their Dash-time.

However, it's essential to keep in mind that while running, a sheep's stamina gradually depletes. During Dash-time, this depletion accelerates significantly as the sheep pushes its limits to outpace the competition. Understanding this crucial attribute and timing its activation can be the key to victory on the racetrack.

Sheep Training

Although every sheep in Meta-Land aspires to be a racing champion, but not all are equally talented. To unlock their full potential, you must train your sheep, transforming them into racing champions. Guiding you on this journey is Shepherd, a sheeplike figure cloaked in a timeworn hood that conceals his true identity. He appears as if descended from the heavens—a mysterious guardian overseeing aspiring shepherds and guiding their hearts.

Upon clicking the Sheep Training button, you can initiate training to enhance their attributes. Rarity affects a sheep's attributes, with rarer sheep possessing better traits. The training screen offers a wealth of information about your sheep. Here, you can access vital details such as the sheep's name, rarity, current location, level and more. Use the left or right arrows to scroll through your sheep easily.

The right side of the screen features an attribute diagram, offering a visual representation of your sheep's attribute balance. While sheep are born with unique attributes, you can alter these stats using Mystery Cubes, which grant a sheep random stats every time you use them.

Also on the training screen, you'll notice that your sheep don't just race for glory; they also earn currency when placed in the racing barn and competing in races. Their performance directly impacts your rewards.

Managing Energy

Each sheep has an energy bar that depletes as they participate in arena races. Recharge them with recharge potions to keep them in peak racing condition!

Levelling Up Sheep

To enhance your sheep's abilities, you have two main options: you can strengthen them by infusing their strength with the wool you've collected in your inventory or by giving them EXP potions. These potions come in three different sizes, each offering varying amounts of experience points. It's worth noting that rarer sheep wool provides more experience, which makes them valuable for your training efforts.

For convenience, there's an 'auto' button that simplifies the process by automatically calculating and adding the required EXP potions or wool to level up your sheep. Each sheep has current stat level and maximum stat level, with the dark brown area representing the maximum level and the orange area representing the current level. If your sheep's balanced maximum stat is 170, it means that even if you level up, you cannot increase the balance stat beyond 170.

Guide: How to Level Up Your Sheep

  1. Access Sheep Training: Enter sheep farm mode in the game and select the sheep you want to level up. Look for the sheep care panel, where you'll find the sheep training button. Click on it to access the training options for the selected sheep.

  2. Level Up: Within the sheep training interface, locate the level up button positioned on the bottom right-hand side. Click on this button to proceed with the leveling up process for your sheep.

  3. Manual or Auto Selection: Upon clicking the level up button, a list of items required as fuel to level up your sheep will be displayed. If you have the required items in your inventory, you can manually choose them. Alternatively, clicking the "Auto" button will automatically fill in the necessary components for leveling up your sheep based on what you have available.

  4. Confirm Selection: Once you've selected the required items or used the auto-selection feature, confirm your selection to initiate the leveling up process for your sheep.

  5. Initiate Leveling Up: After confirming your selection, the leveling up process will be initiated for your sheep.

  6. Reroll Stats (Optional): After successfully leveling up your sheep, you may have the option to reroll its stats using mystery cubes. This allows you to potentially enhance your sheep's abilities even further.

  7. Congratulations!: You've completed the training process and successfully enhanced your sheep's abilities through leveling up. Your sheep is now stronger and more capable, ready to excel in various races within the game.

Setting Dash-time

In a sheep race, each sheep experiences a moment called Dash-time when they reach their maximum speed. The Dashometer bar, including other attributes, indicates the precise timing of this speed boost. You can use the Dashometer to set when your sheep begins their Dash-time.

Selling and Resetting Sheep

When your flock has grown so large that there's not much room for new members, you can find a new home for your sheep by hitting the "sell" button. Just keep in mind that this decision is permanent, so be ready to say goodbye to your fluffy friend. In exchange, you'll receive the EXP you've invested in that sheep in the form of EXP potions.

Alternatively, you can give your sheep a fresh start by making them forget their past experiences with a sprinkle of Amnesia dust. This lets them start over at level one, and any EXP you've invested in them will be refunded to you as EXP potions.

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