A Shepherd's Beginnings

A Shepherd's Beginnings is a simple feature that acts as your personal guide to becoming a skilled shepherd, all while making the most out of your first 100 days in the game. Welcome to your first experience as a shepherd!

Getting Started

The game kicks off with an initial tutorial led by Michelle, where "A Shepherd's Beginnings" is briefly introduced. This session familiarizes you with the essential basics of shepherding. After completing the tutorial, you have the option to engage with the "A Shepherd’s Beginnings" feature at your own pace. Here, each new day teaches you valuable shepherding skills.

Every day brings a new lesson in shepherding. From your very first day, you'll learn the essentials of caring for your sheep. As you progress, daily missions will enhance your skills gradually, deepening your knowledge of flock management. You'll also learn how to prepare your sheep for the thrilling sheep races that await.

Daily Missions

  • Day 1: You'll start with basic tasks like grooming, feeding and caring for your sheep.

  • Day 2 and beyond: Each new day brings a new mission, each a bit more challenging than the last.

Progress at Your Own Pace

  • No daily pressure: Missions unlock daily, but you don’t have to complete them on the same day they unlock. They are designed to be completed at any time within the first 100 days.

  • Flexibility: If you miss a day or start late, you can still complete previous missions. No progress is lost. You can always catch up, as the missions will wait for you.


Each mission you complete rewards you with items and currency vital for your progress in the game. These are not just bonuses; they are essential tools that pave your way to success.

Your Journey Awaits

"A Shepherd's Beginnings" marks your first step toward becoming a proficient shepherd. Over the course of 100 days of guided missions, you will gain valuable insights into both shepherding and sheep racing. By the end of this period, you'll be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive as a beginner shepherd, ready to tackle more advanced challenges and expand your flock successfully.

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