Missions & Challenges

Discover a range of missions, challenges, and achievements that put your shepherding skills to the test and reward your dedication. These features add depth and enrich your journey, offering valuable rewards along the way.

Seasonal Pass and Missions

In Sheepfarm, you have access to two distinct seasonal passes: the basic pass (free), provided by Katie, and the premium pass (paid), offered by Eddie. These passes open doors to various rewards and progression opportunities in the game.

To earn rewards and experience points to advance through the pass levels, complete daily and weekly missions. As you level up, you'll unlock rewards that can enhance your sheep farming journey.

Keep in mind that these passes are tied to seasons, so be sure to make the most of them before the season ends.

Challenges and Achievements

Challenges and achievements put your shepherding skills to the test. These tasks range from one-time challenges to recurring duties that level up as you progress.

As you complete these challenges, you'll unlock increasingly valuable rewards, making your journey as a shepherd all the more rewarding. Once you conquer all the challenges and fulfil your duties, you'll reap the final rewards, marking a significant milestone in your Sheep-raising adventure!

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