Playing Sheepfarm with NFTs

Playing with NFTs in the game opens up a world of possibilities. You can acquire NFTs, including pastures, sheep, and decorations, from platforms like Opensea, Palasquare, Oasys, and Tofu NFT to enhance your in-game experience. These virtual assets can be seamlessly transferred between Meta-land and the real world via our website.

Accessing your collection of Sheepfarm NFTs is straightforward; simply connect your wallet to view them at the inventory menu on the website. You can easily identify whether your in-game item is an NFT and on which network it is based by a small badge displayed as an indicator on the corner of the item when viewing it on the website.

Playing with NFTs in the game brings tangible benefits. You can profit by selling the wool produced by your NFT sheep for MARD tokens. You also have the flexibility to transfer your NFTs to other wallets or sell them on third-party marketplaces, where you have complete ownership of your items if you wish to part ways with them.

In an exciting new development, you can now mint non-NFT in-game items into NFTs, offering exciting possibilities for your virtual assets. This feature is amazing for NFT collectors looking to enhance their in-game collections.

Selling NFT Sheep Wool

You have the option to sell the wool produced by your NFT sheep to Marge, a frequent visitor to sheep farms who actively seeks high-quality wool. The value of the wool is determined by the rarity of your sheep, with rarer sheep producing more valuable wool. Marge, a respected and skilled figure in Meta-land, is renowned for her fashion expertise. She possesses a unique talent for crafting stylish clothing using locally-sourced wool, and her passion for fashion and her commitment to supporting local shepherds contribute significantly to the enrichment of the sheep farming culture in the village.

Guide: Sell the Wool of NFT Sheep

  1. Access Inventory: In Sheep Farming mode, navigate to the right-hand side of your screen and access your inventory.

  2. Locate Wool Tab: Inside your inventory, click on the "Wool" tab.

  3. Initiate Selling Process: If you have sheep wool from NFT Sheep, you will find a "Sell" button next to it. Click on this button to start the process of selling wool to Marge.

  4. Quantity: Select the amount of wool you would like to sell. Confirm your choice.

  5. Receive MARD Tokens: Once confirmed, you will be credited with the corresponding amount in MARD, which will be added to your in-game MARD balance.

Reveal Your NFT Sheep’s Attributes

Every sheep possesses its own distinct personality and hidden attributes, waiting to be uncovered. Foster a deeper connection with your sheep as you unveil their unique characteristics.

Guide: Reveal NFT Sheep's Stats

  1. Link Your Wallet: Ensure that your wallet is linked on the game's website. Locate and click the wallet button in the top right corner of the website. Follow the instructions to connect your wallet securely.

  2. Visit Sheep Reveal Tab: Navigate to the Reveal tab, which is located within the Racing menu of the game's website. Click on this tab to proceed.

  3. Select Sheep: Once you're on the Sheep Reveal page, click the "Select Sheep" button to choose the NFT sheep you want to reveal. This action will prompt you to select the specific sheep from your collection.

  4. Confirm Reveal: Confirm that you want to reveal the selected sheep. Keep in mind that the reveal process incurs a cost of 50 Rainbow Beanz. Ensure that you have sufficient Rainbow Beanz in your account before proceeding.

  5. View Detailed Stats: After confirming the reveal process, wait for it to complete. Once done, you'll have access to the detailed racing attributes/stats of your NFT sheep.

  6. Manage Revealed Sheep: You will now be able to view a list of all sheep whose identities have been revealed. You can navigate through this list and view the stats of each revealed sheep. Additionally, you may filter your revealed sheep by clicking "My Reveal" or by searching for a token ID number.

Morphing NFT Sheep

Sheep Morphing is an exclusive feature for Klaytn Network NFTs. If you're eager to enhance your sheep's potential, try morphing! By combining two sheep of the same rarity, you have the chance to unlock a sheep of even higher rarity. Success is not guaranteed, but rest assured, it won't diminish the value of your sheep.

In Meta-Land, certain sheep breeds are harder to come by and can only be obtained through morphing. This adds an element of discovery, as you never know what unique sheep you might unlock through morphing. It's a way to expand your collection and add exclusive sheep to your flock.

To start morphing, you'll need a pair of sheep – one male and one female – with the same rarity. It's not possible to morph two sheep of the same gender. Take caution because once you begin the morphing process, there's no turning back. With some luck, you might end up with an even more remarkable sheep:

  • Normal (male) + Normal (female) = Normal / Rare / Epic

  • Rare (male) + Rare (female) = Rare / Epic

Morphing can be a gamble, but it could lead to a stronger addition to your flock. To morph your sheep successfully, you'll need to ensure a few things:

  1. Sheep Requirements: You must have two sheep of the same grade in your wallet. Remember, these sheep must be of different genders.

  2. MARD Tokens: You'll also need enough MARD tokens to cover the morphing fee.

You can access the complete summary on the following page:

Guide: Morph Your NFT Sheep

  1. Access the Shop Menu: Start by navigating to our website's Shop menu.

  2. Choose Sheep Morphing: Click on the Sheep Morphing tab within the Shop menu.

  3. Select Your Sheep: From the available options, choose one male and one female sheep of the same rarity. These will be the sheep you intend to morph.

  4. Initiate Morphing: Once you've selected your pair of sheep, you can begin the morphing process. There will be a standard fee associated with this.

  5. Find Your New Sheep: After the morphing is complete, you can locate your newly morphed sheep in the Real-world section of the Inventory menu.

Important Factors to Consider

  1. No Lower Rarity: Morphing will never result in sheep of lower rarity than the ones you started with. Your newly morphed sheep will either maintain the same rarity or become a higher rarity.

  2. Original Sheep Exclusion: The results of morphing will never include any of the original sheep breeds you selected. This means that the sheep you initially choose for morphing won't be among the outcomes.

  3. Irreversible Process: Once you begin the morphing process, there is no way to undo it. This is a permanent transformation, so exercise caution and ensure you're certain about your decision before initiating morphing.

  4. Patience is Key: Please be patient as your morphing is in progress. The processing time may vary depending on the stability of the server, so allow for some time for the transformation to be completed.

NFT Decor Items and Upgrades

NFT Decorative items can be used as they are or upgraded to boost their impact on wool production. Upgraded decor can noticeably accelerate wool production. You can perform upgrades for these decorative items through the NFT menu on our website, using other decoration items as resources. This feature is exclusively available for Klaytn NFTs, and it's important to understand that success is not always guaranteed when performing an upgrade.

Upgrade Levels:

  • Decor items start at level 0 (zero) and have a minimal impact on wool output at this level.

  • There are 5 upgrade levels available, ranging from +1 to +5, with each level significantly increasing the item's productivity.

  • Active combo effects with decor items always work, regardless of the item's level.


  • The overall reduction in wool production time due to upgrades is determined by both the item's level and its surface area.

  • Decor items with identical surface areas have an equivalent effect on wool production.

  • As the item's level and size increase, the impact on wool production and the required materials for upgrades also increase.

Weather-Related Properties:

  • Each decor item has weather-related properties that significantly influence its effectiveness.

Effects Calculation:

  • The Decor and Combo system's effects are cumulative, meaning they add up rather than multiply.

A comprehensive summary can be found on this page.

Guide: Upgrade an NFT Decor Item

  1. Access Decor Upgrade Tab: Navigate to the "Decor Upgrade" tab in the Website NFT menu.

  2. Select Decor Item: Choose a decor item from the list that you wish to upgrade.

  3. Choose Upgrade Materials: Select several decor items to use as materials for the upgrade. Please be aware that you will permanently lose these items during the upgrade process.

  4. Confirm Upgrade: Finally, confirm the upgrade and your decor item will be successfully enhanced! Note that upgrading requires 1 MARD token.

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