Pastures play a crucial role in providing a haven for your beloved sheep. These lush and vibrant enclosures serve as the home for your fluffy companions, and understanding the pastures is essential for any aspiring shepherd.

Types Of Pastures

Within Meta-Land, there are two distinct pasture options to choose from, each offering its own unique experience and advantages.

Manual Pasture

Manual Pasture requires you to shear your sheep manually. You'll need to keep a close eye on your flock, ensuring they are not overdue for shearing. Timely shearing is essential, as sheep will cease wool production if not sheared promptly.

Automatic Pasture

The Automatic Pasture, represents the future of sheep farming. In this innovative pasture, sheep enjoy automated shearing thanks to new technology. No more manual shearing! To determine if your pasture is an Automatic Pasture, simply look for the Auto Buff icon in the bottom left corner while you're in the pasture. You'll also find the Auto Pasture icon within the pasture list.

Pasture Size and Capacity

Pastures are classified into three groups based on their size, as shown in the table below. The size of a pasture refers to the number of tile units it occupies, while the capacity indicates the maximum number of sheep that can be accommodated in that pasture.

CategoryPasture SizeSheep Capacity



Max 3



Max 4



Max 5

Benefits of Larger Pastures

One of the key advantages of having larger pastures is the increased capacity for both sheep and decoration items. This means you can raise more sheep and unleash your creativity in decorating your farm. Larger pastures also allow you to form larger groups of compatible sheep, paving the way for the activation of powerful combo effects.

Decorate Strategically

When adorning your pastures with decoration items, it's essential to take the pasture's size into account. Small pastures can provide benefits to a maximum of three sheep with decorations, while large pastures can enhance the experience for up to five sheep simultaneously. If you possess unique decoration items with special effects, strategically placing them on large pastures can amplify their impact, significantly increasing the efficiency and benefits of these items.

Guide: Switching Between Pastures

  1. Locate Pasture Information Bar: Look for the pasture information bar located at the bottom of the screen. This bar displays important details such as the pasture's name, ID, and sheep capacity.

  2. Switching between Pastures: If you own more than one pasture, you can effortlessly switch between them by clicking the left and right arrows positioned next to this information bar.

  3. Access Pasture List: The hamburger menu button located next to the information bar opens up your pasture list. Here, you can conveniently view all your pastures, along with essential details like sheep statuses, active combo effects, and more.

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