Lambkins, cute baby sheep in a cozy basket, is a special addition to your virtual farm. Over time, it will grow into a unique adult sheep that you can add to your flock.

There are two distinct types of Lambkins:

White Lambkin: This adorable Lambkin will transform into a random sheep breed as you nurture and care for it.

Rainbow Lambkin: An enhanced Lambkin with superior qualities. Raise it with love, and you'll witness it transform into a random rare or epic sheep.

As with all your sheep, proper care is crucial for your Lambkin, as a well-cared-for Lambkin has a higher chance of evolving into a rarer sheep. Regularly tending to tasks like washing, feeding, petting, and engaging in conversations with your Lambkin can lead to a remarkable transformation – you may even notice a subtle yet exciting change as your Lambkin begins to emit a radiant glow! This aura signals that your Lambkin is overflowing with potential, significantly enhancing its odds of maturing into a rarer breed.

If you're eager to speed up your Lambkin's growth, consider using Lambooster potions, which can provide a helpful boost. And if you want to take your Lambkin to the next level, simply administer a dose of our specially formulated Glow-up Tonic to instantly ignite its glow!

Guide: Transforming a Lambkin

  1. Select Your Lambkin: Begin by selecting the lambkin you want to transform.

  2. Check Age: Look at the sheep care panel. If the lambkin is ready for transformation, the transform button will be clickable. If not, you'll need to accelerate its growth using a Lambooster potion or wait until it is old enough to transform.

  3. Lambooster Potion: If the lambkin isn't ready for transformation, click on the feed button on the sheep care panel. This will open the treat options. Select the Lambooster potion from the available feed items.

  4. Confirm Feeding: Confirm that you want to feed the lambkin the Lambooster potion. Once confirmed, the lambkin will consume the potion, and its growth will be accelerated.

  5. Transformation: After feeding the lambooster potion, the transform button on the sheep care panel will become clickable.

  6. Click Transform Button: Once the transform button becomes clickable, click on it to initiate the transformation process.

  7. Transformation Complete: Once the transformation is complete, you'll have your very own adult sheep of a random breed. Take care of it just like you did with the Lambkin and enjoy your new companion!

Lambkin Transformation Probability

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