Combination Effects

Combo Effects: The Power of Pairing

Sheep are naturally social animals, finding comfort and contentment in the company of their fellow woolly friends. Separating a sheep from its flock can lead to agitation and unease. To nurture the best in your sheep, consider grouping them together. Not only does this keep them happy, but it also unlocks the potential for powerful combo effects!

In the world of sheep farming, combo effects are a huge key to success. The combinations of sheep you raise can significantly impact the pace of wool production. Surprisingly, it's not just about having rarer sheep in your pasture; it's about finding the right combinations. For example, five normal sheep with an activated combo effect can be more efficient than five rare sheep without one. Explore the possibilities and harness the power of pairing for your sheep's prosperity.

Activation Rules

Here's everything you need to know about these effects:

  • Each combo can only be activated once within a single pasture. For example:

    • Plain White 1 + Plain White 2 = Ordinary Couple (Activated)

    • Plain White 3 + Plain White 4 = Ordinary Couple (Cannot be activated again)

  • The same type of combo can be activated at higher levels within a single pasture. For example:

    • Pink Baa-jama Lamb + Pink Baa-jama Lamb = Counting sheep (Lv.1) (Cannot be upgraded)

    • Pink Baa-jama Lamb + Pink Baa-jama Lamb + Pink Baa-jama Lamb = Counting sheep (Lv.2) (Upgradeable)

Available Combo Effects

By understanding the social dynamics of your sheep and harnessing the power of combos, you can transform your farm into a thriving haven for these adorable creatures! Experiment with different combinations, observe the results, and discover the most effective ways to optimize your flock.

Season 1 Combination Effects:

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