Sheep Farming

Begin your exciting journey to becoming a skilled shepherd alongside Michelle and her faithful companion Meryl. With the guidance of a legendary shepherd, you'll transform into the shepherd that every sheep deserves. Turning your ambitious sheep into racing champions is no small feat, but the rewards are truly worthwhile. Relish the journey as you forge a close-knit family from your flock of sheep in the captivating realm of Meta-land.

Getting Started

The game is accessible across various platforms, allowing you to effortlessly import and export your account between them. When you begin your journey for the first time, you're provided with a starting wallet address (account). However, it's crucial to remember that neglecting to export this account code may lead to its permanent loss when importing another account to your device.

The ability to transfer your game account offers a convenient means of smoothly migrating your progress and possessions between different devices.

Starter pack

Beginning your adventure with a new account also rewards you with a valuable starter pack. This pack includes a sheep, which happens to be Michelle's loyal companion, Meryl. Alongside Meryl, you'll receive a pasture, as well as a selection of decorative items tailored for your first sheep. As you conquer missions and overcome challenges, you'll unlock the opportunity to earn additional items and sheep, further enriching your gameplay experience.

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