Sheep Attributes


The speed stat indicates how fast a sheep is capable of running.
Stamina determines the length of time a sheep can continue to run at top speed.
A sheep's power represents its ability to outrun and overtake other sheep, as well as to maintain its position once it has gained ground.
Balance affects the running stability of sheep. It not only helps your sheep get a strong start in the race, but it also reduces the chance that they may stumble.
Spirit is an indicator of a sheep's capacity to better withstand fatigue and enables them to make more frequent use of their skills.
*Updates later this year will include features relating to stumbling or skill use while running.


At some point during a race, a sheep will reach its top speed, which is known as its Dash-time, and is indicated by a gauge alongside the other sheep attributes. A sheep's stamina is continually being depleted while they run, and during their Dash-time, it is used significantly more.


Stumbling is a random event that occurs during a race. When a sheep stumbles during a race, its speed decreases for a short period of time. The frequency of sheep stumbling is influenced by both their Balance and Spirit stats. The faster a sheep is running, the greater its chance of becoming disoriented and stumbling. A better Balance stat gives sheep a better chance of staying on their feet and avoiding stumbling.