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Sheep possess a unique set of abilities that influence how well they compete in tournaments. Rarer sheep have more natural potential and will exhibit more significant attributes.


The speed stat indicates how fast a sheep is capable of running.
Stamina determines the length of time a sheep can continue to run at top speed.
A sheep's power represents its ability to outrun and overtake other sheep, as well as to maintain its position once it has gained ground.
Balance affects the running stability of sheep. It not only helps your sheep get a strong start in the race, but it also reduces the chance that they may stumble.
Spirit is an indicator of a sheep's capacity to better withstand fatigue and enables them to make more frequent use of their skills.


At some point during a race, a sheep will reach its top speed, which is known as its Dash-time, and is represented by a Dashometer bar alongside the other attributes of a sheep. This bar shows at what point during a race a sheep will activate its Dash-time in order to boost their speed at the optimal moment. The stamina of a sheep will always be depleted while it is running, but during Dash-time, it will be consumed significantly more.
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