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Marmalade Token (MARD)

MARD is the in-game utility token used and serves as the main economic unit in Sheepfarm in meta-land. MARD can be earned through in-game activities and used to purchase in-game goods. MARD tokens have a total supply of 500,000,000 although inflation may increase the total supply.

Basic information

  • Token Conract Address: 0x79bb4d71f6c168531a259dd6d40a8d5de5a34427
  • Token Symbol: MARD
  • Decimal: 18

The Circulatory System of MARD

Players can harvest wool at regular intervals as long as sheep are roaming freely on their pasture and are adequately fed. Wool can be used for a variety of purposes in the game, and it can also be sold in order to earn MARD. Wool prices (MARD) vary from one sheep to another and fluctuate in a dynamic manner. The price of wool is determined by three factors:
  1. 1.
    The total amount of MARD within the MARD pool
  2. 2.
    The market's supply of sheep that are identical to yours
  3. 3.
    Whether or not the sheep you are raising is included in the seasonal box
Here's a flowchart to help you visualize the process:
[Diagram 1]
The MARD Pool's source and overall MARD flow are illustrated in Diagram 1. The company adds an adequate amount of MARD to the (total) MARD pool that users can access without causing inflation. The MARD spent on local NFT marketplace trading fees, box purchases, sheep morphing, decoration upgrades, and sheep feeding will be used to replenish the MARD Pool.
[Diagram 2]
Diagram 2 depicts the MARD flow of the (sheep) MARD pool, which is assigned to each sheep type. It is distributed (almost) evenly within the MARD Pool regardless of the type or rarity of the sheep. MARD accumulated from seasonal box purchases will be distributed solely to the (sheep) MARD pool for sheep included in the seasonal boxes. MARD spent on sheep sweet treats is added to the (sheep) MARD pool as well.
As shown in Diagram 3, the sheep featured in Seasonal boxes are determined by DAO votes. This process makes use of NGIT Tokens. Because this system has the ability to significantly influence user interest, the team intends to continuously monitor its progress while also responding to and incorporating user feedback.
Without seasonal box sales, the price of wool from sheep that are not included in the boxes will be affected by the same circulatory system.
Users can evaluate how much wool may sell for in the game before deciding whether or not to raise a specific type of sheep. On the other hand, prices are subject to fluctuations, and as a result, there may be a gap between predicted and actual prices. It’s up to you to get creative and discover the most profitable strategy for yourself.


  • Sell Wool: Raise sheep and sell their wool! Rare sheep breeds are known for producing high-valuable wool. The wool you sheared can be delivered to the village chief who will then reward you with MARD. A large part of raising sheep is knowing how to make the sheep happy to obtain good quality wool. Farmers with larger pastures may find it easier to keep their sheep happy since they will be able to place more decorations, resulting in more productive sheep.
  • Rent NFTs: Instead of managing their NFTs personally, pasture or sheep owners can make a profit by renting them out. Users who are more interested in NFT investment rather than management may find this feature handy. Those who are unable to purchase pastures or sheep can utilize the renting option to begin the game with little funds.
  • Competition: Take part in friendly competition with other users. Because it is difficult to outperform other players, the prize will be substantial. Outstanding players can easily obtain MARD by participating in PvP content.
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