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vNGIT is a voting token that players may use to cast their votes on which features and components will be added to the in-game environment.
Participants in governance who use vNGIT are delegated duty and authority for deciding key topics. These decisions include, among other things, the types of sheep that will be featured in Lucky Boxes, in-game weather, and other similar matters.
In order to acquire vNGIT, you must first own LP tokens, which may be obtained by contributing liquidity to the NGIT-MARD swap pool.
vNGIT will be distributed automatically once you have LP tokens in your possession and have connected your wallet in the following page:
7 vNGIT is provided per LP Token, and the airdrop is carried out following a snapshot taken every Monday at 00:00 UTC.
More details regarding vNGIT will become available as the development of the voting feature progresses.