Our Game is currently in its Open Beta Testing stage. The Grand Launch is scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2022.

Pastures are available for purchase through NFT Marketplaces like Opensea, Palasquare, and our very own Marketplace (Mard-ket) that can be accessed here: https://sheepfarm.ftnft.us
Once you have a pasture of your own, the following link will show you where it is located: https://sheepfarm.io/map

Sheep can be obtained through a variety of sources, including events, lucky boxes, and NFT marketplaces.

A Metamask (Cypress network), Kaikas, or KLIP wallet is required to play the game. Additional wallets will be supported in the future.

Our game is currently running on the Klaytn chain, but we plan on expanding to other platforms in the future.

MARD is an abbreviation for Marmalade token, which is an in-game token that can be obtained through gameplay.
• NGIT is an abbreviation for Nightingale token, which is a governance token that will play an essential role in the decision-making process regarding gaming features.

To view your Sheepfarm NFTs, visit the following page and connect your wallet: https://sheepfarm.io/inventory

You can access your boxes by going to the following webpage: https://sheepfarm.io/luckybox
When opening boxes, keep in mind that transaction fees will apply.

A collection will be available on our website in the near future. Sheep are currently available in three varieties: Normal, Rare, and Epic.

1 Sheep and 6 Decorations are included in a Luckybox. A Mardbox contains 1 random item, either a sheep or a decoration NFT.

Yes, a Ledger can be connected via Metamask and a Decent wallet can be connected via Kaikas. However, this may cause some delay in game play, therefore playing the game directly using a software wallet would be more convenient.

Please send us an email at [email protected] or send a direct message to Eddie in Meta-Land on our Discord server.
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