Stewart Island

Stewart Island is located in the middle of the South Pacific, just below New Zealand’s South Island. In many ways, Stewart Island is a remote paradise, but it’s also much more than that. The most fascinating thing about this island is its aura of mystery. We’re not sure why, but the sheep on this island shear themselves!
Given that our game is a sheep farming simulator, your earning potential is determined by your own efforts. Shearing your sheep on a regular basis will allow you to get the most out of the wool they produce. So, if you’re a lazy farmer, you should grab as many pastures as you can on Stewart Island to take advantage of the land’s auto-farming feature.
There are a total of 6,315 pastures on Stewart Island. During the Early Bird Promotion, 1,111 of those pastures were made available to our users. The remaining 5,204 were minted during the pre-sale event. Additionally, only those who have one of the 6,315 pastures will be able to join Early Access, which will launch in February 2022.