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If you want to increase the power and functionality of your sheep, morphing may be the answer you seek. In Sheepfarm in Meta-land, two lower rarity sheep can be morphed into a higher rarity sheep. However, morphing does not always guarantee a higher rarity; there’s a risk that morphing will result in a sheep of just the same rarity as the ones you started with. Even so, morphing will never result in sheep that are less valuable than the original ones you morphed!
You will have to present a pair of male and female sheep of the same rarity rating in order to begin the morphing process. It is impossible to morph two sheep of the same gender. The fact that your NFT could be on the line means that you should never morph your sheep unless you are absolutely certain that you want to do so. There is no turning back once the morphing process has begun! If you're lucky, your morphing can result in an even better sheep for you to add to your flock.
To give you a better sense of how it works, here is a simplified example:
  • Normal (male) + Normal (female) = Normal / Rare / Epic
  • Rare (male) + Rare (female) = Rare / Epic