*Last Updated: 6th Aug. 2022


Most successful projects are not held together by a single person. Teamwork is the key to getting things done that would otherwise be impossible for a single person to accomplish alone. It should come as no surprise that working together toward a common purpose will speed up the overall progress of any project.
Nightingale Interactive is made up of a diverse group of individuals with extensive experience in gaming, cryptocurrency, finance, blockchain technology and IT services. While this diversity contributes to project success, it can also result in conflict. Team members, on the other hand, typically work collectively to mediate tensions, with project managers on hand to serve as a resource and guide in the event that things go awry. Creative thinking, innovative approaches and opposing opinions are encouraged and valued in our company.
We are constantly striving to provide users with the most enjoyable experience possible with our P2E game SheepFarm in Meta-land.
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