Roy (Financial Advisor)

Roy, KICPA, had been clinched about 250 million dollars worth of deals at Investment Banking and approximately 400 million dollars worth of investments at Private Equity and game companies. His vision for the project's corporate structure and tokenomics guides his IR efforts at Sheepfarm. In order to increase the profit of both the users and the holders, he will provide guidance and contribute to the project by engaging in continuous value-building activities.
YB has plenty of experience providing legal advice related to intellectual property rights to various global companies. In his present position at Uprise, he is performing legal assessment from multiple angles for a crypto business that provides a Crypto Asset Robo-advisor service Heybit. YB will explore how Sheepfarm in Meta-Land can safeguard gamers' interests by providing them with the most appropriate services in a variety of countries.

Wonbae Kim (Game Dev Advisor)

The founder and CEO of both SUPERCAT and ZEP. SUPERCAT is a well-known game developer in Korea, with titles including “The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon.” ZEP provides a metaverse platform in collaboration with Naver.

Hwan Lim (Marketing Advisor)

The founder of 3Y Corporation, most known for its YouTube show “가짜사나이” (Fake Men) and influencer agency, which represents renowned YouTubers such as “김계란” (Egg Kim).
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