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Biz team

Rini (Business Support Manager)

Rini, KICPA, has vast experience in a variety of fields, including auditing, taxation, financial advisory, and business consulting. She has also worked with Moody's Investors Service Inc., where she examined corporate bonds and credit ratings for financial institutions. She wishes to put her skills and expertise to use in order to become a productive business partner and to support Sheepfarm in Meta-land in achieving its full growth potential.

Chris (Marketing)

Chris is a business expert with experience in marketing and business development at a range of startups. He has demonstrated his ability to create value through his collaborations with a variety of companies.
He has worked in the game industry for several years, and his expertise may prove beneficial in negotiating with other P2E game projects. He will be responsible for enhancing the NGIT and MARD ecosystems and for advocating for the interests of NFT Holders in Sheepfarm in Meta-land.

Michelle (Community Manager)

Michelle has had a lifelong fascination with video games and grew up immersed in them. She is still enthusiastic about expanding her knowledge by engaging in the world of gaming as it continues to modernize.
Her actual passion is sharing the games she loves with the world, which is why she enjoys creating content, writing about gaming culture, interacting with other gamers, and fostering communities.

Alvin (Community Manager)

Alvin has extensive experience in the development and maintenance of communities. Rather than concentrating solely on membership development, he directs his efforts toward key community members, tailoring material and communications to their specific interests and preferences. In addition, he monitors user interactions while also anticipating their needs.

Ted (Customer Service)

Ted is a community manager that specializes in gaining a knowledge of how players think and behave. He has studied numerous languages and has worked on projects with young people from a variety of nations.
He is responsible for the communication with global users on behalf of the Sheepfarm team, ensuring that users' demands are communicated to the team and that updates and team insights are communicated effectively to users.