Product Team

Hoon (Product Owner)

Hoon has experience in several types of companies including shipbuilding, mobile gaming, and venture capital. He has invested in and mentored early-stage startups in particular, and has engaged in analyzing growth capital, pre-IPO, and M&A transactions. He most recently served as the founder/CEO of a MENA-focused IT business. Hoon will help the team's expansion with the goal of acquiring NRU and establishing relationships with other companies.

Nia (Back-end Development)

Nia has approximately two years of experience working as a freelancer in the field of PHP web development. She is just starting out in the blockchain industry and thinks that one of the most intriguing aspects of blockchain technology is the degree of transparency it offers, which is why she ultimately decided to become a blockchain developer.

Eugene (Front-end Development)

Eugene is a front-end developer that has worked in a variety of IT firms, where she gained skills in UI/UX development and graphic design. She also has experience working in the hospitality industry where customer service is a top priority. Her primary objective is increasing user satisfaction.

Halak (Lead Development)

Halak is an accomplished game developer who has worked on a variety of gaming projects as a client and backend developer. He was also a part of the early stages of Sheepfarm in Sugarland, which gives him a good understanding of the game's structure and enables the game development team to move quickly past bottlenecks. His knowledge and experience will be beneficial in accelerating the progress of the project.

Woody (Client Development)

Woody offers a distinctive ability to create game clients, most notably Unity. He began his career as a mobile game client developer. He has over five years of experience in the same position with several companies, and is expected to play a critical role in the gaming client component of Sheepfarm in Metaland.

Paul (Client Development)

Paul has worked in the gaming client development industry for more than eight years, beginning his career with feature phone game development. At Netmarble, he was involved in the creation of the Japanese client for Seven Knights, and for two years beginning in 2013, he was also a part of the team that was responsible for the development of Sheepfarm in Sugarland.

Guy (Content Designer /QA)

Guy is skilled in creating, evaluating, updating and reviewing content at all stages of the end-to-end user journey. He has 10 years of experience evaluating and analyzing games and data in order to offer content enhancements that meet the expectations of users. He also has a strong understanding of agile practices and how he contributes to the provision of gaming services, as well as a keen comprehension of P2E projects. Guy has a pretty sweet mission. He aspires to create high-quality games for users, and he takes his commitment to that goal very seriously.

Min (System Designer)

Min is a game system designer who focuses on the economics of P2E games. His goal to make it simpler for his teammates to communicate by giving prototypes in addition to proposal drafts. He hopes to become a designer in order to contribute to the development of more valuable products while keeping development expenses down for the team.

Justin (Art Director)

Justin has been attracted to new things; new civilizations, arts, and technologies, to name a few. Not only does 3D arts intrigue him, but also character design, UI, UX, and web design. Sheepfarm project is like a fulfilment of a long-held dream of his and he plans to develop his abilities and become an artist capable of working in a variety of fields.

Yeon (Art)

Yeon is an illustrator and designer who is skilled in various fields. As a drawing teacher with six years of experience, she draws works with a wide spectrum of individuality that the public wants, from character concept art, fairy tale illustrations to publishing design. What if a game-loving student who has always played Sheep Farm in school was now one of the game's designers? Yeon is eager to commit her heart and soul to the project.

Kevin (Graphic Designer)

Kevin has worked as a freelancer in the graphic design area for over 9 years and has expertise in 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Thanks to his curiosity and eagerness to learn new things, he has worked on a variety of graphic design projects – ranging from small businesses to space-related companies, allowing him to tackle any challenge or problem.
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